RE: [PATCH] Add the LED burst trigger

From: Joe Xue
Date: Sat Dec 28 2013 - 08:40:15 EST


>> Good idea.
>> I have finished but I'll change it to this way soon and test it in next some days.
>> What the idea about the character to indicate stop?
>> I mean this patten maybe indicate just once maybe indicate repeatedly until the next patten.
>> What about "/"?
>> If there is a "/" at end then stop it else repeat it?
> Actually, I'd put a do_repeat attribute somewhere instead of using
> magic character for automatic repeats.

Use this way, the user or application don't have to access two attribution files to control LEDs, and without "/" is default. If application need to blink patten once just give a "/" at the end of patten.

> And while " " for pause and "#" for light would work. Maybe we chould
> do "\0" for pause and "\177" for light... and interpret everything
> between as an intensity. That will make it useful for LEDs with
> variable intensites, too...

"\0" is not easy to give if application is a script.
intensity is a good idea, but makes it more complex, and user need to convert the "\num" to a ASCII code.

Joe --
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