Git puzzle

From: Gene Heskett
Date: Sat Dec 28 2013 - 21:41:47 EST

Hey guys, I need to setup a bisect using git but the man pages aren't
giving me what I need to know. Mainly I have no clue what the URL for the
git repos looks like, I've been downloading and building the tarballs from all this time.

Assuming I start with fresh git pull of 3.8.2 which worked, working toward
3.8.3 which doesn't, and I have the disk space chowned to me, what is the
exact syntax to pull a clone of 3.8.2, and then do a bisect to 3.8.3 where
the microcode update for an AMD phenom doesn't work. Skipping fwd to 3.12.0
it still isn't working.

Thanks for any help. And Linus, it you're copying this list, happy 44th
birthday today.

Cheers, Gene
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