Re: [PATCH 6/6] ARM: dts: Add tps65090 FETs constraints

From: Javier Martinez Canillas
Date: Wed Aug 13 2014 - 09:34:32 EST

On 08/13/2014 02:29 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
> Please fix your mailer to word wrap at less than 80 columns, it makes
> your mails very hard to read when replying.

Sorry I had my wrap length configured to 80 but just changed to 74 now.

>> On 08/12/2014 11:27 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
> No, that makes no sense. If the voltage isn't allowed to change why
> should the constraints be specifying a range of voltages for it to be
> set to, especially a range with more than one value in it?
> Please try to think about what you're doing in design terms rather than
> just bashing on things until you get something that works in your use
> case, it's important that things are understandable so that we avoid
> fragility and special casing.
>> For fixed regulators (like fet4), mmc_regulator_set_ocr() just skips >> varying the regulator voltage but still expects to be able to obtain
>> its voltage.
> Which can be done with regulator_get_voltage().

Indeed. I'll change mmc_regulator_get_ocrmask() in MMC core then to use
regulator_can_change_voltage() to detect if the regulator is a fixed one
and call regulator_get_voltage() instead of list_voltage() in that case.

Do you agree that this is the correct solution?

Best regards,
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