RE: [PATCH net-next 0/4] r8152: firmware support

From: Hayes Wang
Date: Mon Aug 25 2014 - 02:43:15 EST

From: David Miller [mailto:davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> That still doesn't convince me.
> The functions I see you removing are just programming a set of
> registers in some way.

That is to clear the break point of the firmware. If a firmware exists,
you should clear it before updating a new one.

> And the firmware that is replacing those functions is just going to be
> causing the same register writes, just even more obfuscated than it is
> now.
> You should keep the C functions which document and show clearly what
> is being programmed in each chip.
> Don't hide register programming behind firmware files, please.

Excuse me. Some settings are relative the content of the firmware.
How should I deal with that parts. Take 8153 (RTL_VER_03) for

1. wait PLA 0xb800 bit 6 = 1.
2. set patch key = 0x7000.
3. update the PHY firmware.
4. enable the firmware.
5. set USB 0xcfca bit 14 = 0.
6. clear break point (That is r8153_clear_bp()).
7. load the firmware about PLA and USB parts.
8. set the break point of the firmware.
9. set USB 0xcfca bit 14 = 1.

Except the step 3, 4, 6 and 7, the other steps depend on the
context of the firmware. That is, for different firmware, some
actions would be removed or added, and some settings would be
different. Especially the step 8, it often different for
different firmwares. Should I add some firmware version check
in the source code? Such as

if (fw_version == v1) {
load firmware
set break point of the firmware
} else if (fw_version == v2) {
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