Re: [PATCH] net: stmmac: add dcrs parameter

From: Vince Bridgers
Date: Tue Aug 26 2014 - 08:35:59 EST

Hi Peppe,

>> In the Synopsys EMAC case, carrier sense is used to stop transmitting
>> if no carrier is sensed during a transmission. This is only useful if
>> the media in use is true half duplex media (like obsolete 10Base2 or
>> 10Base5). If no one in using true half duplex media, then is it
>> possible to set this disable by default? If we're not sure, then
>> having an option feels like the right thing to do.
> Indeed this is what I had done in the patch.
> Also in case of carrier sense the frame will be dropped in any case
> later.
> Let me know if you Acked this patch so I will rebase it on
> net.git and I send it soon
> peppe

Yes, this looks good to me. I don't expect anyone is using 10Base2 or
10Base5 anymore, so it's ok to disable DCRS by default.


All the best,

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