Re: [PATCH 00/56] staging: comedi: introduce comedi_pci.h header

From: Ian Abbott
Date: Thu Mar 12 2015 - 06:29:35 EST

On 10/03/15 16:25, Joe Perches wrote:
On Tue, 2015-03-10 at 16:10 +0000, Ian Abbott wrote:
"comedidev.h" includes PCI-specific stuff that gets included by all
comedi drivers including non-PCI ones. Separate it out into its own
header "comedi_pci.h". Make the new header include <linux/pci.h> and
"comedidev.h" so that comedi PCI drivers do not need to include them

Isn't the kernel progressing to avoid indirect includes?

I could do it that way if you think it would help. Better to redo it before it is committed than after.

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