Re: First kernel patch (optimization)

From: Eric Curtin
Date: Tue Sep 29 2015 - 10:47:31 EST

On 29 September 2015 at 14:51, Austin S Hemmelgarn <ahferroin7@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2015-09-26 09:28, Eric Curtin wrote:
>> Hi Dimitry,
>>> Is it Debian-derivative by any chance? Their capslock setup is wonky
>>> because CapsLock key does no actually set up as a CapsLock but another
>>> modifier. Also is it in X or is it on text console? Because X handles
>>> led state on its own...
>> I'm on Fedora 22. Yeah, you're correct X is handling this, the led does
>> not turn on at all in text console. Tried Wayland also for the first time
>> to see if it occurred there also, it does. Does this mean I should not be
>> looking at kernel code all to fix this issue and I should be looking at
>> X/Wayland?
> If the led doesn't turn on on the console either, then it may be worth
> looking at kernel code, but it may be in the console driver instead of the
> input layer driver.

I may have been incomplete earlier. The led does not turn on at all in
console. In X the led does turn on, but does not switch off correctly.
I'm looking at kernel code, still assuming I can fix it in here.
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