[PATCH 0/2] make asm-generic/futex.h usable for more arch ports

From: Joel Porquet
Date: Sun Oct 09 2016 - 22:30:41 EST

Hi all,

I've had a patch on my shelf for a couple of years, from when I ported Linux on
a new processor architecture for an academic project, and thought I could send
it and let you decide if it's worth taking or not.

During my port, I basically modified the generic header "asm-generic/futex.h"
and made it into a more generic version so that I could include it in my code
and only redefine the necessary arch-specific bits.

Right now, most of the arch ports redefine their own "asm/futex.h" completely
although, for example for "futex_atomic_op_inuser()", they often share the exact
same preamble and epilogue and could benefit from some code refactoring.

My (short) series is made of two patches: 1/ refactoring "asm-generic/futex.h"
in order to make the arch-specific routines into overload-able macros that arch
ports can redefine when required, 2/ an example of how to use this refactoring
with the ARM port.

Let me know what you think.


Joel Porquet (2):
asm-generic/futex.h: code refactoring
arm: futex: Use asm-generic/futex.h instead of redefining the entire

arch/arm/include/asm/futex.h | 203 +++++++++++++++++----------------------
include/asm-generic/futex.h | 219 ++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
2 files changed, 196 insertions(+), 226 deletions(-)