GFS2: Pull request (merge window) addendum

From: Bob Peterson
Date: Fri Jul 07 2017 - 15:17:16 EST

Hi Linus,

Sorry for the additional merge request, but Andreas discovered this
problem soon after you processed our last gfs2 merge. This fixes a
regression introduced by a patch we did in mid-2015, so best to
get it fixed. It just re-adds code that had been there originally.

Please consider pulling the following additional patch for the GFS2 file system.


Bob Peterson

The following changes since commit 9b51f04424e17051a89ab32d892ca66b2a104825:

Merge branch 'parisc-4.13-2' of git:// (2017-07-05 17:41:31 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

git:// tags/gfs2-4.13.fixes.addendum

for you to fetch changes up to 961ae1d83d055a4b9ebbfb4cc8ca62ec1a7a3b74:

gfs2: Fix glock rhashtable rcu bug (2017-07-07 13:22:05 -0500)

This is a high-priority addendum patch for a regression
introduced by commit 88ffbf3e03. Some code was reverted that
should not have been. This patch from Andreas Gruenbacher adds
it back in.

gfs2: Fix glock rhashtable rcu bug

Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
gfs2: Fix glock rhashtable rcu bug

fs/gfs2/glock.c | 11 +++++++++--
fs/gfs2/incore.h | 1 +
2 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)