Re: Code of Conduct: Let's revamp it.

From: \\0xDynamite
Date: Sun Sep 23 2018 - 14:55:44 EST

> For example....
>> >* Showing empathy towards other community members
>> Your pussy hurts? Maybe you should have just accepted that your a boy!
>> I think Linus is perfectly fine in conduct. I mean, this bullshit
>> pressure comes from corporations and other wierd places (<subtext>all
>> seeing eye</subtext>) that want to "help".
> There are people commenting from all sides that are wanting to "help".
> But I hope that it is obvious that the above text is *not* *helpful*.
> Mark, please stop.

General Tso,

The problem with your criticism is that it assumes that all input is
legitimate while you advocate eliminating (or downgrading) some of it.

Make up your mind: do you want all-inclusiveness or selective-inclusiveness?