Re: [PATCH v2 -next] crypto: inside-secure - Fix build error without CONFIG_PCI

From: Herbert Xu
Date: Wed Sep 04 2019 - 08:32:25 EST

On Wed, Sep 04, 2019 at 05:27:19AM -0700, Ard Biesheuvel wrote:
> Did you try disabling CONFIG_PCI?

Indeed. Even with my patch if you compile with CONFIG_PCI you still
get a warning:

CC [M] drivers/crypto/inside-secure/safexcel.o
../drivers/crypto/inside-secure/safexcel.c: In function \u2018safexcel_init\u2019:
../drivers/crypto/inside-secure/safexcel.c:1506:6: warning: unused variable \u2018rc\u2019 [-Wunused-variable]
int rc;

We should fix that in inside-secure.

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