Snow Cat (snowcat@gd.cs.csufresno.edu)
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 02:25:42 -0700 (PDT)


Is there any plan to support correct and separate d_reclen and d_namlen in
struct dirent in future? It appears that currently readdir() returns d_reclen
that is useless to a user - a size of structure aligned to a 4-byte boundary
(?). I think on most other system it's EXACT structure size. d_namlen is
probably used by a lot of GNU and BSD programs. Other systems I have seen have
both reclen and namlen.

It was my impression that under linux 1.2 and libc 5.0.x d_reclen was actually
set to strlen(dir -> d_name). If so, shouldn't it be just renamed to d_namlen
instead of having to recompile and patch make and other existing binaries?

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