Multi-session CD-ROM
Tue, 27 Jun 95 8:48:12 PDT

I got a Kodak Photo CD a while ago. I got hpcdtoppm and xpcd, and everything
worked beautifully. Then I took the CD-ROM back in, and added some more
pictures to it. When I brought it home, much to my surprise, the disk
appeared to Linux as though nothing had changed. An "ls -l" command
indicated that not only had no new pictures been added, but the date stamps
on all files were the date when the CD-ROM was initially created.

I've learned enough about what's going on here to know that when a CD-ROM
is updated, another "session" is created. I've taken a brief look at the
code in the "iso" directory in the Linux kernel source. It looks as though
the multiple session problem was addressed by someone, but it isn't
working yet. Is anyone out there currently working on this problem?

Doug Chinnery
"I had a dream I was a vigilante's sidekick.  Fighting crime in the 
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