Re: linux-kernel-digest V1 #100/Terminal problem

Roland Dunkerley (
Wed, 28 Jun 95 12:39:09 PDT

>>>>> "|>" == David Flood <> writes:

|>> On Tue, 27 Jun 1995 Kevin Lentin <>
|>> wrote:
>> Subject: Re: Terminal problem

>> 1) Linus: I think there should be a README of sorts in the
>> kernel source root dir that explains MAJOR changes that can
>> affect your system. These would include the modules packages,
>> genksyms, this console change and other things that you _need_
>> to change in order to make new kernels work.

|>> Have the 'make config' step less/more this file out to the
|>> terminal BEFORE asking any questions. Or at least put a
|>> warning the the boot messages like: 'This is a beta kernel,
|>> check the source tree READMEs before asking questions'

I think this would be superfluous. I completely agree with the
person who suggested that anyone who uses a test kernel (the
definition of 1.x.y where x%2==1) and is not on the linux-kernel
mailing list, particularly if they don't know the meaning of a
simple enough error message like 'can't find termcap entry for
"linux"', deserves every bit of agony they get. I would prefer
the test kernels being placed in a hidden directory to them
printing annoying warnings at boot time. (I would hate to see it
come to that either though.) By definition if you installed 1.3.3
on your system, you are claiming to be an expert. The termcap
entry change was a Good Thing(tm), and furthermore, anyone who
installs a new kernel without keeping a copy of the old one is
twice a fool. Actually, I'm now at all suprised to see a few
people screaming about the change, I saw it coming when Linus made
the announcement that it was to be changed.

Please, if you don't know Un*x at all, don't run untested kernels,
and if you do, keep at least two bootable kernels in your
/etc/lilo.conf file. (Personally, I keep three as a matter of
practice. One for the current kernel, one for the previous kernel
(make zlilo automatically rotates these), and one for a known
working kernel which only gets changed when I manually change it.
I added the third one because I was doing some kernel hacking a
while back and inadvertantly ended up with both /vmlinuz and
/vmlinuz.old broken.)

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