Re: 1.3.3 Compiled but having temrinal probs :(

Raul Miller (
Thu, 29 Jun 95 07:55 GMT

Michael Weller:
There was just not any real reason to change the default TERM
value. People wanting to use TERM=linux, esp. in the affected newly
installed system could just have used a non broken init or a non
broken getty, but no.. they needed a kernel patch.

Yes, you can do TERM=linux by passing an arg to getty. No, this isn't
the right solution. However, any program or installation which
depends on the TERM variable to determine the window size is broken.

However, if you really want this broken behavior, you can do something
like this in /etc/profile:

if [ $TERM = linux ]
eval `resize`
eval TERM=`stty -a | head -1 | (
read l
IFS=' ;'
set $l
echo con$5x$7