Very simple patch for 'make zlilo'

J. Kean Johnston (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 05:00:00 +0000 (GMT)

Good evening all.

Below is a mind-numbingly simple patch to the makefile for when you do a
'make zlilo'. I almost always forget to do an rdev -R /vmlinuz 1 after
building a new kernel and I keep on getting those irritating messages
during boot. The patch below simply does this automatically in the makefile.

I do this patch manually every time there is a new kernel ... dunno why
I haven't posted it before :) Oh well, here it is.

J. Kean Johnston.

--- linux/arch/i386/boot/Makefile.orig Fri Jun 30 04:51:24 1995
+++ linux/arch/i386/boot/Makefile Fri Jun 30 04:52:05 1995
@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@
cat zImage > $(INSTALL_PATH)/vmlinuz
if [ -x /sbin/lilo ]; then /sbin/lilo; else /etc/lilo/install; fi
+ if [ -x /sbin/rdev ]; then /sbin/rdev -R $(INSTALL_PATH)/vmlinuz 1; fi

install: $(CONFIGURE) zImage