Re: Another patch bug...

Tor Arntsen (
Sun, 1 Oct 1995 21:01:12 +0100

On Sep 28, 19:39, Mark Neill wrote:
> The patch is screwed up again...the 1.3.30 this time. Linus's
>arch/alpha/kernel/time.c patch got applied to my arch/i386/kernel/time.c
>file...I'm in the process of hacking it, but it's kinda ugly, and
>there's lots of duplicated symbols.
> On another topic....Whenever I apply the patch, I get new files
>appearing in the directory I patch from (usually /usr/src, with a symlink

Always use the -p<something> option, or you get the exact symptoms you
e.g. you could do 'cd /usr/src/linux; patch -p1 < patchfile' or
'cd /usr/src; patch -p < patchfile' etc.