Re: Linux 2.0.4 (and a small patch, d*mn)

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 16:25:52 +0100 (BST)

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Hans-Georg von Zezschwitz wrote:
> If poor Linus has to combine all 2^90 config options (my calculator
> can't display that number) and test them, don't you think we would
> still be waiting for 0.99.10?

dc can, that comes to:
$ dc

> (Of cause: he has a bloody fast Alpha machine now - but is it really
> that fast?).

Nope, I don't think that his machine is that fast, but he only needs
build with everything in, and then again with everything in, except
the modules (which we're building).

Then you'll have all typos traped (they'll trip up one of the builds),
and only have to go through the config script. Anything that is more
complicated (ie slhc & slip in the kernel, ppp as a module) is going to
have to trip everyone who uses that up (it's not a common thing to do ....).

> :-)
> Georg v.Zezschwitz

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