Re: Linux Port to NS486? Anyone interested?

Phil Lewis (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 23:14:25 -0500 (CDT)

> > This device is currently supported by numerous third party (commerical)
> > RTOS's & other tools, But (sadly), not Linux, yet...
> Unfortunately according to the web pages you cite the NS486SX doesn't
> have an MMU, which is absolutely required to run Linux:
> >The processor core was developed by a small team of engineers working
> >with an aggressive schedule. The primary goal was develop the processor
> >on schedule. The next priority was to minimize the cost of the core in
> >silicon area and power consumption. Since the processor was to run
> >programs for the Intel x86 instruction set architecure, the core had to
> >be compatible with the x86 instruction set. A few features, such as an
> >MMU and floating point, were not implemented.
> Without an MMU your only hope is that the people who are doing
> Linux-8086 might support it.

I want to join the development team anyway!

Phil Lewis
Lord of the Lamers DNRC