Re: Developing Linux boot from CDROM
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 22:32:14 -0600 (MDT)

> Hallo,
> I remember vague that I have seen some pointer to make CD's bootable on
>, together with some NDA to get the specs. But I didn't
> find it again.
> I mail Award and MrBios as BIOS Manufacturs for Information on that
> subject. If I get something, I will let you know too. Perhaps try the same

We started making our Caldera Open Linux CDROMs bootable about a month
ago. It's quite nice if your machine's BIOS supports it. Put in the
CD, hit reset, and in a few moments you are in our Linux install program - no
floppies, no DOS...

An HTML format version of the spec can be found at:

"El Torito" Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification - Version 1.0

The PDF format documents from Phoenix can be found at:

Other useful, related info can be found at:

CD Bibliography


Ron Holt <> Caldera, Inc.