SCSI - seagte/fd-850 Questions.

Leslie Donaldson (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 10:30:37 -0800

I have an 8 bit fd-850 scsi controlloer (IRQ-15) compile options

What I am wondering is :
- Anyone still supporting this code?
- If someone is still supporting it who do I report errors to?
- Am I the last person in the world using this piece of code?
- ( I seem to have this problem hmmm)

Well if any one is interested in the problem I get corrupted filesystems
on my scsi disks.
- An anchient 80 meg that is most likely just bad.
- And my 200 meg MO drive.

I have always had a slight problem with corruption but under the later
kernels my filesystems are breaking apart a lot faster(ext2 filesystems)
will accept any help

Leslie Donaldson