Old kernels and ELF

Eric \ (ea002@dial.oleane.com)
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 23:40:02 -0800

Hi !

Trying to install xspread, I just can execute it...
Thinking it was because of it's binary format (), I try to
"update" my old 1.2.8 (already claimed for support ELF)
kernel to the 1.3.20. from slack 3.0 (sorry, this is the
newest i have). After rebuilding it, the problem is
still there. I think I need some libs packages in order to
run ELF binary...

Thanks for any help.

Eric "CLK" Arrigo

> enterprise:/usr/X11/bin# xspread
> zsh: command not found: xspread
> enterprise:/usr/X11/bin# sh xspread
> xspread: xspread: cannot execute binary file
> enterprise:/usr/X11/bin# file xspread
> xspread: ELF 32-bit LSB executable i386 (386 and up) Version 1
> enterprise:/usr/X11/bin# uname -a
> Linux enterprise 1.3.20 #1 Tue Nov 19 19:23:21 MET 1996 i486
> enterprise:/usr/X11/bin#