Floppy problem.

Chris Evans (chris@ferret.lmh.ox.ac.uk)
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 23:11:22 +0000 (GMT)


As a favour for a friend I am installing Linux on her ancient 386SX...
just to run console based things like (primarily) telnet. However, said
machine is a PS/1.

Problem 1) (SOLVED) -- stupid IBM bios doesn't report proper disk
geometry. lilo parameters fix this.

Problem 2) The moment it comes to load in the compressed image on the
floppy, I get "I/O error on dev 02:00 sector 0" (or something similar).
A search showed up a similar post by someone else a while back but it was
not answered satisfactorily...

So, is there any way to get a floppy drive working under Linux on a PS/1
computer? Perhaps some floppy=really_quite_crap parameter I can give lilo?