Re: 2.1.2[56] ifconfig -> wierd results ?

Bob Tracy - TDS (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:12:46 -0600 (CST)

bz wrote:
> Since Kernel 2.1.25 my ifconfig reports mutch errors and the net is realy
> slow.
> Please take a look at the errors and dropped fields.
> RX and TX fields are always 0 why ?

I'm trying to track down the ifconfig problems as well. It looks like
"struct enet_statistics" became "struct net_device_stats" and a few
extra members were added to the structure in the process. Obviously
not everything is current with respect to those changes. In the
meantime, "cat /proc/net/dev" comes somewhat closer to reporting the
actual interface statistics.

Unrelated to the statistics structure modifications, I will second
the report of network "slowness", particularly with respect to non-local
network connections. FTP "get" from a remote machine to the local
machine where the remote machine is on the other end of a serial link
will hang. The amount of data transferred before the hang occurs will
vary, but will always occur. An FTP "put" to the remote end fares better.
There are numerous pregnant pauses in the transfer, but the transfer
will eventually succeed. Here's a brief comparison of transfers between
the remote machine and two different machines on my local network (the
file transferred is 784 Kbytes):

(1) local == 3B2/300, remote == SPARCstation 20
"get" succeeds at 2.716 KB/s
"put" succeeds at 2.716 KB/s

(2) local == 486DX/50, remote == SPARCstation 20
"get" hangs after no more than 280 KB transferred
"put" succeeds at 0.91 KB/s

This behavior didn't start appearing until the most recent 2.1.2X kernels.
Using the same network interfaces on the local hosts (as were used for the
transfers to the SPARC 20), transfers between them occur at a "blistering"
23 KB/s (the 3B2/300 is a slug) with no pauses.

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