Re: IDE Disk Problems

Systemkennung Linux (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 03:19:50 +0100 (MET)

> My company recently received around a 100 HPs with Western Digital 1.6s
> in them. Just a guestimate, however, I believe that around 15-20% of
> them have had drive problems withing the first two months. These are
> mostly running NT, however the one in my area is running Linux and i
> suspect it too is having problems. I've basically lost both of my
> bootable Linux partions once (at diffrent times...) due to drive errors.

We've got seven IDE WD disks during the last half year. That makes more
than 60% failure rate. Some of these were apparently killed by the
Firmware/BIOS problem in combination with Asus boards. The three
1.6GB disks were not used with the affected Asus boards. One of them
ruined my last weekend, so goodbye, WD.

During the same time span no other disk of another brand failed, neither