13 Feb 1997 18:17:03 GMT

I have written a device driver in Linux 1.2.8 that handles interrupts from a
bit/frame sync card and writes the data to a file on the hard disk. The
system has been running for 8 months on a deployed system which uses the
adaptec fast&wide pci/scsi controller (aic7880?) and a Quantum HD. We have
recently bought another system with a similar hardware configuration except
it is a Seagate Barracuda drive. Since I have lost my 1.2.8 CD I loaded
Slakware 3.1 with the 2.0.0 kernel. This required me to slightly modify the
device driver code (request_irq, free_irq, and the interrupt now provide
support for shared interrupts?) which was trivial. I have since loaded the
2.0.28 kernel, but no other patches.

The problem is that when I run the capture software I get continuous resyncs,
which in the past has been because the process couldn't write data to the
disk fast enough before the FIFO buffer on the card filled up. I don't
believe that the hardware is too slow so it must be a problem with the
operating system or my code. I'm willing to provide more specific
information if you'll let me know what is needed.

Scott N. Lutz

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