Sony CDU33a+kernel>2.1.22=system hangs totally

Andras Kiraly (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 19:39:34 +0100 (MET)

Dear Linux Developpers

I'm experiencing following problem since kernel V2.1.23:
Everytimes I mount a CD-Rom, the system hangs totally, no keyboard
input, screen-switching and CTR-ALT-DEL is possible anymore. The
only thing I can do is resetting the computer with the reset-key.
If I step back to a kenel <2.1.23, the problem is not around. With
kernel 2.1.22 CD-Rom operation is no problem. The Cd-Rom works without
problems with DOS6.20 and Win311 too.

My System configuration:
Sony CDU33a with the Sony COR-334 ISA-Adapter,
base Adress 340, No IRQ, DMA channel 0

ASUS P/I-p55t2p4 Motherboard, Cyrix P150+ CPU, 64MB RAM

Please write me which further information you need or if the problem
is already solved, what the solution is.

Best regards,
Kiraly Andras