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Chris Ricker (
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 18:54:38 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

I'm combining the following two posts b/c they deal with similar issues.

> Subject: Re: glibc and 2.1.26
> Upgrade to at *least* these software revisions before thinking you've
> encountered a bug!
> - Binutils
> Note that the last officially released version of Binutils is,
> and binutils isn't even available in the GCC private developers
> snapshot location anymore.

Hmm. If you look in the standard public site for linux GCC and friends
(tsx-11://pub/linux/packages/GCC/), you'll find, and no

Here's the directory listing of that directory:

> ls binutil*

binutils- /pub/linux/packages/GCC

> We should be really, really careful before telling people to use private
> development-only snapshots. In fact, if the only way to compile the 2.1
> kernel is to use private development-only snapshots, I would agrue
> something really wrong has happened.

I agree. Even though a 5.4.x libc is needed, for example, and even though
5.4.17 has known bugs, it's what I tell people to use because nothing
better has been publically released. Similarly, sysklogd-1.3 has a few
quirks. Redhat uses beta releases of those (that's the 1.3-3 and, more
recently, 1.3-15 stuff some people mention) but I won't tell people to use
them as a general rule because they aren't the official public release.

However, binutils- *is* the last public release. See
if you don't believe me (sorry about the long line)....

> Subject: Re: Re[2]: insmod #2
> I have upgraded everything in Documentation/Changes, with the exception
> of modutils, which I went to 2.1.23 on, instead of the 970105, which is
> suggested in the file. Are these the same? Or where can I find it, the
> site listed in the file does not work.

If you check the most recent Changes file, you'll find that it recommends
modutils-2.1.23. Also, please keep in mind that, like the rest of the
kernel distribution, the Changes file is updated by patches that get sent
in when/if a problem becomes apparent. As a result, if a new modutils is
necessary for 2.1.30, the patch is only going to show up w/ 2.1.31 and
later, and only then if the vagaries of email or the like allow it to do
so. I could start cc'ing patches to the linux-kernel list, but I imagine
most people on here have better things to read.... As a result, if you're
looking for, say modutils, the Changes file mentions 2.1.23, and the ftp
site has modutils-2.1.23 and modutils-2.1.30, feel free to grab
modutils-2.1.30 w/o asking ;-).

That said, however, please feel free to email me if you find something in
the Changes file that shouldn't be there or know of something that should
be there that isn't (before I get a flood of email regarding it, I sent in
a patch to update sh-utils a while ago; it'll be in 2.1.30).


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