Re: offshore RTL8029 chip

Paul Gortmaker (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 11:03:39 +1000 (EST)

> I have one of these cards too, except in the UK it's marketed as a no
> name clone card by quite a few places (I got mine from simply
> computers). It works well under Win95, and WinNT, but I'd like a
> Linux driver for one too, so any information would be appreciated. If
> someone already has a driver and is looking for Alpha/Beta testers,
> let me know please.
> Graham

Once again, Linux v2.0.x (x>22) will detect RealTek 8029 cards out
of the box as long as you compile the driver into the kernel. If you
want an autodetecting module, or have another PCI ne2000 clone that
is not a RealTek, then please go see:

There you will find an updated driver, precompiled modules, a Red Hat
v4.1 boot disk with an autodetecting module slipped into place and
URLs to the manufacturers of these silly clone cards.

I'd still strongly recommend a tulip or PCI lance card over one of
the PCI ne2000 clones, but if you've already bought the card...