Re: lp device irq?

Kevin Lentin (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 17:55:08 +1100 (EST)

rohrer keith w Wrote ...
> > I made lp a module and so on. I've a module and it loads fine.
> That's not necessary for tunelp. However, it probably ought to default
> to using the IRQ you explicitly requested when you insmod (or request
> IRQ 0 to poll, just like with tunelp).

I use modules and lp with an irq of 7. Except the lp modules detects my lpt
port as lp1 so my options line in modules.conf looks like this:

options lp irq=0,7,0

If you're using modern kernels (suck as 2.1.25 on or so) then there is code
missing in the lp module.

Look for this code:
#ifdef MODULE
static int io[] = {0, 0, 0};
static int irq[] = {0, 0, 0};

and add
MODULE_PARM(io, "1-3i");
MODULE_PARM(irq, "1-3i");

below them.

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