Kernel 2.0.29 - Ultrastor SCSI messages

SubbaRao V. Chitturi (
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 08:22:02 -0800

I compiled a new kernel 2.0.29. I have a SCSI adaptor (Ultrastor 14F), a
SCSI HD and a SCSI CDROM. When I reboot with the new kernel, I get a
lots of the following messages.

U14F0: ihdlr, mbox 3, err 0x92:0, target 0.0:0, pid 909, count 1153

I get these messages after ending an "startx" session.

Can someone tell me what these errors mean? What do I do to get rid of
these errors?

Any help,pointers or advice is greatly appreciated?

Thank you in advance.