Re: Mail reflector

Peter Benie (
Wed, 5 Mar 97 12:04 GMT

Richard Gooch writes ("Re: Mail reflector"):
> Werner Fink writes:
> >
> > Some one reflects mails of <>.
> > ... could one break this mail loop?
> I've lost count of the number of problems that have occurred because
> of mail<->news gateways. Is this latest reguritation of week-old
> messages because of another misconfigured gateway?
> Another irritation is the spam we are getting.
> This is getting really annoying. So much so that I'm prompted into
> making the following (harsh) suggestions:
> Drop messages sent to the list if they are not from subscribers on the
> list.

That stops rather too many gateways. The problems you describe are due
specifically to mail<->news (ie. bidirectional) gateways. I'm using a
mail->news (unidirectional) gateway so my address won't match any
subscriber's address. I'm not causing your problems however (since the
software isn't there that could cause a mail loop) so why should I be
banned from the list? Besides, if you try and enforce a rule like the
one that you suggest, the chances are that start getting gateways that
rewrite From lines to be the subscriber's address. This is a recipe
for disaster.

> I know that some people are attached to reading through news, but
> surely it can't be that hard to get it via email?

It may be against a site's local policy to allow people to subscribe
to mailing lists. (I'm, thinking particularly of Universities that
don't want to donate the disk space for 1000 subscribers to high
volume lists.)