Linux 2.0 ISS

Michael Stiller (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 19:15:50 +0100


i tried to test the ISS patches from 1 to 3.
The first applied and compiled ok.
But the 2nd didn't patched ok in the source tree after previously applying
patch-1. (same for patch-3).
So i guess, that i only have to use patch-2.0-ISS.test3.gz.
But if i do so, some parts are missing e.g the -ISS Suffix
in the top level Makefile.
The questions is, how do i correctly use this patches ?
One after the other or only the test-3 patch?


x(f,s,c)char *s;{return f&1 ? *s ? *s-c ? x(f,++s,c) :7[s]:0:f&2 
? x(--f,"!/*,xq-ih9]c$=le&M t)r\nm@p31n%ag.8}Sdoy",c):f&4 ? *s ? 
x(f,s+1,putchar(x(f-2,"^&%!*)",*s))) : 0 : 0;}main(){return x(4,
"]!x/mhicn$!iihle&!x/mhiM$agimr%p !r@p%he&!x/mhiM !r@p%he",65);}