It's not obvious for some this is a development list

Tim Bird (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 11:15:59 -0700

news@bath wrote:
> Terence J. McDevitt wrote:
> >
> > I subscribed to this list because I saw the name "linux-kernel".
> > To me, this name does not imply development only questions. So when I ask
> > a question about upgrading to a newer kernel and everyone jumps all over
> > me about it, maybe there's a reason I'm posting a question like that. I
> > don't mind going to another list, but again, by the way it reads, this is
> > not a list devoted to developers...
> Sorry, Terence, but what exactly did you think the 'dev' in
> meant, if not developer (or development)?

Maybe he didn't notice all the headers on the messages, or maybe they
were hidden by his mailer. To join this list, I subscribed to
"linux-kernel" (notice the absence of 'dev' in the name). It may not
be entirely obvious to newcomers that this list is also mirrored to, and that the charter is kernel _development_.
When I subscribed, there was no charter message.

Maybe if the mailing list name on rutgers more closely approximated
the news name, this confusion would be reduced.

Tim Bird