NT/Linux Driver?

MacKinnon, Cameron (cmackin@p3.thestar.ca)
Thu, 01 May 97 09:52:00 PDT

Has anyone besides me thought about building a shim driver between the
Linux mid level SCSI (for example) layer and NT SCSI hba drivers? The
Microsoft DDK seems to provide enough information to do this, and it
would bridge a gap for RAID cards and other stuff where the Linux
community has been foiled by uncooperative/NDA waving vendors.

There seems to be some confusion as to what is in MSDN. The bits I've
seen DO contain SOME source from NT: An assortment of drivers, for
example ATAPI (IDE CDROM), a sample SCSI miniport driver, printer drivers
et cetera. The idea is, if you've got to write a device driver, you can
see sample source. The kit that contains this is called the DDK (driver
developer's kit).

Nowhere have I seen source for memory management, scheduling or anything
like that. The larger hardware manufacturers apparently do have access to
this, as NT out of the box only supports 2 or 4 CPUs, but patches are
available from vendors (e.g. NCR) of larger SMP boxes to support all