Re: AMD K6 support?

Joel N. Squire (
01 May 1997 20:59:55 -0600 writes:

> In article <5kanoa$>, you wrote:
> >OK long story short. I have a fully functional Linux 2.0.27 system (Red Ha
> >
> >I crashes during the boot process. Basicly I get a
> > "General Protection: 0000"
> I don't have the answer to your problem but there is software out there
> that relies on timing loops that can't cope with the speed of the K6's
> extra cache. You might try disabling cache in the bios and see if it boots.
> Bob

I don't think the problem is intrinsic to the K6. I'm typing this from
an overclocked K6-166 on an Abit IT5V motherboard and a mostly
standard Redhat Linux install. Everything works without a hitch.


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