non-SMP linux-2.1.37-pre{3,4}: vt hang with, f.e. NumLock

Horst von Brand (
Sun, 4 May 1997 13:33:50 -0400

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This is i586, gcc- (gcc- + g77-0.5.20, only tiny changes
that could affect C in any way), non SMP; binutils-2.8 compiled from GNU
source (work fine, AFAIKS).

When using the NumLock key (or for that matter, almost any key that has some
special significance to the system, ShiftLock or alt-F1), the vt hangs, and
doesn't respond to keys at all. The NumLock key has no effect other than
hanging everything. Other processes continue to run normally, the output of
a kernel compile scrolled by normally (or at least without abnormality that
would have been immediately obvious). The cure is to hit keys for a while,
it snaps out of it (or perhaps it just times out somewhere?), something like
LF or ctrl-alt-F1 seems to work best (not the kind of stuff I'd like to
experiment with: pre3 Oopsed on me later on, freezing everything). The keys
pressed get lost.

Looking at the possible culprit files I could think (.../drivers/char/vt.c,
.../drivers/char/console.c, .../drivers/char/consolemap.c changed), the only
differences I see from 2.1.36 are calls to macros that expand to empty here.
I'm stumped... but perhaps I'm just doing something radically stupid.

Please answer by mail, I'm not on the list, I just sent in my subscription
request and got no answer up to now.

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