Re: NULL pointer dereference with pre 2.1.37-4

Danny ter Haar (
4 May 1997 23:27:41 +0200

Thorsten Kukuk <> wrote:
>> > With pre 2.1.37-3 and 2.1.37-4, I get the following Oops when
>> How recent are your binutils? The new kernel compilation scheme definitely
>> requires more of the linker - we're doing some extremely clever stuff to
>> get some nice optimizations.
>I have tried binutils and binutils with both the same
>result. The 2.1.35 kernel compiles fine and works.

I have problems too:
2.1.37-3 works but without 1 program active the load is still round 1.0
ppro-200Mhz with latest debian distribution.

When i upgrade to 2.1.37-4 i cant login:
Something with "tty : cant set tty1"


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