Tulip Card Woes...

draggy (draggy@kosmic.org)
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 15:00:57 -0400 (EDT)

I have three different tulip cards on three different machines,
they're three different SMC Etherpower models. The first one is the
10mbps SMC8432 with a DEC 21041 and it works just fine.

The second one is a 10/100BaseTX smc9332BDT, it works fine except it would
time out and switch between 10TP and 100TP when in 10baseT mode, I defined
the TULIP_FIX_PORT to prevent it from switching to either mode and now it
works fine.

The third one (causing the problem) is a 10/100BaseT4 (not TX) smc9332BVT,
this one doesn't work at all and keeps timing out and I get this message:
Jun 26 10:18:18 news kernel: eth0: enabling 10TP port.
Jun 26 10:18:58 news last message repeated 5 times

This is after using the TULIP_FIX_PORT in tulip.c .Otherwise it would just
bounce between 100TP and 10TP.

I used the tulip-setup program by Donald Becker and it detects the card
alright. Now I'm wondering if the driver supports this model at all.

Any help in getting this card to work would be greatly appreciated,


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