Re: Linux on AMD K6

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Thu, 10 Jul 1997 02:11:31 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, guess wrote:

> I am considering buying K6 processer instead of Pentium machine for an
> internet server wich will be running Linux/ http Server (Don't know wich
> one yet, probably Appache)
> I'd like to know public oppinion on this. Also some comparison on how it
> works on Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, and K6
> How much better is on or the other and by how much
> Also wich other recomded Hardware I should go for.
> Tim

What kinda hits are you expecting? I'm running a webserver with 2.0.27 on
a 486/100 with 48megs of ram.. It's got a few virtural domains a day and
gets a few thousand hits a day.. It performs like a champ.. I've even had
people say that it was one of the fastest sites they've been on.. (And on
a 128k frame relay)... BTW- It's running Apache 1.2, and is on a 1.6gig
IDE (Imagine that..), mounted no_atime...

I like it.. It was thrown togeather quickly and cheaply.. Works like a
champ.. It had a 210 day uptime the other day till I had to reboot it
because it was swapping bad (and there was free ram) and acting funny.
Tonight I found out that it's CPU fan had gone to fan heaven.. It locked
hard unfortunatly and I had to go out to where it is at 10pm.. But it's
running like a champ again.. And I expect to have another 210 uptime 210
days from when 2.0.3[works right all the time] comes out..

So evaulate what you really need and spend wisely. Go for upgradability
when possible.. Buy a cheap P150 or less now and a K6/233 when you need
it.. You could probly treat your family to dinner with the money you
save... :)

As for other hardware: Lots of ram, if you end up swapping when your being
hid hard it is HORRIBLE. The machine above started up with 16megs.. When
we upgraded to 48megs it increse in web performance was noticable.. Also,
you want a fast harddrive, and knoweldge of how to tweak your web server
to your needs..

As for hard drives: If you need performance, SCSI is the ONLY way to go
IMHO... Running bonnie on my computer, when I was using IDE, peaked my
cpu.. Now that I have a BT-948 I only see a few percent load when hitting
the drive... I've seen a company with Segate 2 gig baracudas for $279 or
so (They were sca but they came with an adaptor).. One word of advice, get
mulitiple small drives and use the software RAID 0.. If you want RAID 5
then get a DPT, if you cant afford that then you can afford a nice DAT or
a travan tape drive... Software raid 5 is in beta now.. But I doubt it
will ever HELP performance.. :)

I prefer BT-948's.. I've used adaptecs for years but I've been converted..
I'm sure you'll hear lots of opnions.. But the BT-948 is fast and it's
driver is preety mature.. Also, it's not that expensive (esp considering
it has a 25Mhz 80186 on board :) )..

As for ethernet cards.. I leave that to someone else.. I would like to
hear some advice on what cards are the most reliable, fastest, have the
least overhead, and have the most mature drivers..