Re: Huge uptimes & cosmic rays

Systemkennung Linux (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 20:40:15 +0200 (MET DST)

> > Jun 27 21:47:57 2A:linus unix: Recoverable memory parity error detected by CPU a
> > t 0xb9bb238 <0x340> code:30
> > Jun 27 21:47:57 2A:linus unix: Memory Parity Error in SIMM S7
> >
> > Which is also why the "developers" of those parity generator SIMMs should
> > be be paid back their school money. Above machine,
> > is still up, btw.
> What motherboards are capable of properly supporting ECC and Linux? Any?

The machine above is a Indy. Ok, under Linux it does not yet spit out
the messages as nicely IRIX does, but we're getting closer ...

If you're shopping for parity SIMMs or ECC PC boards, be careful. Some
companies simply don't know what parity is ...