NFS file locking

David Woodhouse (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:51:48 +0100

What is the current state of file locking over NFS?

Under kernel 2.0.30, Wabi complains that it's probably not supported, but gets good responses when it tries to set locks.
Under kernel 2.1.43, it gets -EOLCK when trying to set a lock and
lockd: failed to monitor
appears on the console.

Does this mean that we're really trying to lock the file now, rather than just pretending in 2.0.30, and that it's not working (file server is SunOS 5.5)

Winword and similar programs all refuse to open files on NFS filesystems under 2.1.43, complaining that SHARE.EXE isn't loaded! Is there a solution other than copying everything to a local drive or using an older kernel?

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