Re: 2.1.79 + latest smbfs patch

Eloy A. Paris (
17 Jan 1998 05:13:20 GMT

Bill Hawes <> wrote:

: No dev_t field, but a uid_t, gid_t and mode_t fields. Would these cause
: a problem?

Don't go any further, that's the problem: when I compiled ncpfs and
smbfs with glibc I faced this problem. uid_t, gid_t and mode_t are 2
bytes long in libc5 and in the kernel but are 4 bytes long in libc6
(glibc2). If the userland utilities are compiled to use this data
types the kernel will receive the wrong values because of the size

To fix the problem I changed all ocurrences of uid_t, gid_t and mode_t
with __kernel_uid_t, __kernel_gid_t and __kernel_mode_t. This change
must be done in both the userland utilities _and_ in the kernel
headers (linux/ncpfs_mount.h, smbfs_mount.h, etc.)

I know RedHat 5.0 had the ncpfs and smbfs packages broken when they
first released 5.0. I heard someone said that's fixed now.

I would say that the kernel headers must be fixed to have __kernel_uid
et al instead of uid_t et al. What do you think?

: If you get time, you might want to try building the samba-1.9.18p1
: utilities with glibc, since you've already been through the process for
: the nfs utils.

I don't think that will work since Volker doesn't have yet the patches to
make smbfs work under glibc2. I will create the necessary pacthes and
send them to him (he's waiting for them).



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