Re: A3940UW bus resets with zip drive

Doug Ledford (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 11:48:47 -0600 (CST)

On 17-Jan-98 John Gotts wrote:
>Not too long ago Daniel M. Eischen's aic7xxx patches from
>incorporated into 2.0.x and 2.1.x. His patches have worked like a charm
>the nearly 2 years that I've owned my 2940U controller (I purchased it
>there were any Ultra devices on the market.) Recently, though, someone has
>been trying to fix obscure bugs in the driver that never manifested
>on my controller and has screwed up Ultra support in the process.

Hmmm...I would suggest you be more precise in exactly what has or has not
worked for you and why.

> I'm
>that he doesn't have an Ultra controller on which to test his modifications
>the driver.

If you're referring to my patches, then yes, they are tested on an Ultra
controller (about four different varieties actually). They do *not* get
tested an a 2940U controller because I don't have one, the closest I get is
the 2940UW controller or the aic7880P motherboard chipset which is Ultra
Wide as well.

> One result of that is that Red Hat 5.0 cannot be installed
>from a
>CD-ROM connected to a 2940U controller or to a partition residing on a hard
>disk connected to a 2940U controller. The current aic driver in 2.1.79
>barely] works with my 2940U, Plextor 8Plex CD-ROM, and Zip drive, but I
>dare hedge my bets and try a SCSI hard disk.

That's funny that you put it that way, since the code in 2.1.79 is all
strictly from Dan Eischen. The easiest (and most accurate) way to tell
my code from Dan Eischen's is to check the version number in the output of
/proc/scsi/aic7xxx/0. His code is versioned as 4.1/3.2 (I think those are
correct) and mine adds another .1 to the end of each. And yes, this does
mean that the original poster is using my code. But, more on that in my
response to his email.

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Date: 17-Jan-98
Time: 11:48:49