Re: [2.1.80] boot and floppy driver problems.

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 11:48:43 -0600

Hi Niels,

> 1. If I build the kernel with SMP support it won't boot on my UP system
> (SiS chipset, AMD486 processor). Commenting out ``SMP = 1'' in the
> Makefile and rebuilding the kernel makes it boot OK.

I have a similar problem on my IBM 486SLC processor. In my case,
I have a floating point coprocessor that uses 'old IRQ13 error
reporting'. An SMP kernel can't handle this and it panics in an
unexpected way during bootstrap.

Check your dmesg output and see if you have a similar coprocessor.
That might be the problem.

Michael Chastain
"love without fear"