Re: PATCH: Unix98 pty support.

Matti Aarnio (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 02:47:35 +0000 (/etc/localtime)

[ this started about /dev/ptmx, and iBCS execution of static SCO
binaries which contain "insane" assumptions in their libc parts.. ]
[ I did think it was Alan who told me this way back when I suggested use
the /dev/ptmx, but Alan denies... Must have been somebody else then. ]

Ted Ts'O writes:
> The solution which NetBSD uses for doing emulation (and which I think is
> a good idea), is that when you are running a (for example) Linux binary
> under emulation, file lookups first check to see if the file is in the
> linux directory tree. If the file exists in there, that file is used;
> otherwise, the file lookup uses the normal file.
> This allows NetBSD to put the Linux-specific libraries in
> /linux/usr/lib/... without needing to worry about naming conflicts
> between Linux libraries and NetBSD libraries.

Sure, yes, fine. But how will it REMOVE /dev/ptmx
from the known universe for the troubled software ?
(well, I can imagine a few ways that iBCS can do it..)

> I could imagine something similar for iBCS, so that "foreign" programs
> can work, but all of the SCO-specific libraries end up in an
> SCO-specific tree. (And all of the i386 Solaris libraries can end up in
> a different tree, without worrying about the inevitable namespace
> clashes).
> - Ted

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