Re: [PATCH] Re: aic7xxx-5.0.1

David Woodhouse (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:47:58 +0000 said:
> I've made a patched version (which will probably work ONLY with linux
> 2.1.x, sorry) available at /pub/linux/
> aic7xxx-5.0.1-linux21.tar.gz (and .bz2)

> It works for me (K6-233, Linux 2.1.80pre4, AHA2940UW and P66, Linux
> 2.1.67, AHA2940), I haven't tested it anywhere else.

Success here, too, on 2.1.80-SMP with an AHA2940UW and a brace of P200s

It's been up for about three hours now, and seems happy enough. I can even ^\
the scanner program without causing the whole thing to come crashing down
around my ears :)

One for 2.1.81, now we seem to have utterly given up on the idea of a feature

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