Sound (SB16) and 2.1.102

Trever Adams (
Sat, 16 May 1998 23:37:57 +0000

Well, as far as I know the previous problem (DMA/IRQ timeouts) is
fixed. But, I don't know because on 'cat
/usr/lib/games/xboing/sound/*.au > /dev/audio' my machine locked up.
ALT-SysRQ-S/U worked... unfortunately I did it in the wrong order. It
seemed to have played all the sound before it did.

I am afraid I am semi busy at the moment so I won't be giving it a
second shot to see if it works. Just a heads up. I will try again in a
few days (by then probably with 2.1.103).

Sound was static in the kernel, not as a module. IRQ 5, DMAs 1,5.

This configuration is the same from 2.1.101, except obviously the sound
had to be reworked, but the settings were the same. Other than that,
because I heard a few crazy things about disk in .102 I removed the fat,
vfat, msdos etc file system support (it may be a flawed idea, but if it
doesn't know about/access them, it is less likely to fry them and I have
important data I would rather not have to restore from backup).

Anyway, thank you, hope this helps.

Trever Adams

settings are on:

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