Re: 2.0.34pre breaks my system badly

Alan Cox (
Sun, 17 May 1998 01:40:44 +0100 (BST)

> From: Glenn Lamb <>
> Other problems that show themselves:
> 1) my floppy drive won't work. The activity light will come on, but that's
> all.

The floppy driver hasnt changed between 2.0.33 and 2.0.34. I imagine you
are using a gcc > if so tough it doesnt work. Use gcc
2.8.x optimses out a ton of things it shouldnt and may well be causing
millions of bugs. Sure its probably Linux not saying 'erm dont optimse me'
thats the problem not gcc 2.8.1 but it changes too much to avoid fixing it

> 2) my network card will not work. The system sees it and configures it
> properly (same configuration as 2.0.33), but will not communicate with
> it. I get a lot of timeout errors if I enable debugging on the driver
> module.
> <RANT>
> Who's idea was it to add so many new features to what should be a stable
> kernel release? I remember seeing around 3 new network drivers, and a ton
> of new language stuff in the msdos filesystem area. Aren't we supposed to
> *not* be adding new features to the "stable" kernel for this exact reason:
> that it would become unstable?
> </RANT>


1. Diff the kernel except drivers/* between 2.0.33 and 2.0.34pre14 - shock
horror, my what a small diff. Also all 2.0.33/2.0.34 drivers are
interchangable precisely so I can back drivers in and out.

2. The driver updates are in many cases ones vendors have been shipping for

3. The FAT32 update is one some vendors have been shipping for months and has
a big userbase. We chose not to make changes to improve on it because
of this.

4. Adding new drivers DOES NOT make a kernel less stable. It makes it usable
to those with the cards in question.

5. If you are going to say "My network card will not work" get a small
clue and say what sort of card please.


Thank you. PS linux-kernel appears to have unsubscribed me so any reports
for the past week and half that went to linux-kernel about 2.0.34prex kernels
are lost, gone and dust.

Please try pre14 (pre15 tomorrow). Build it with gcc 2.7.2.*. Then people
who are seeing bugs please send me reports (prefably directly or cc me
as linux-kernel may well drop me again for all I know)


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