Re: Memory between 640K-1M

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17 May 1998 05:14:22 GMT

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By author: "Anthony Barbachan" <>
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> I was wondering if any of the 384K RAM between 640K-1M, not being used by
> adapters or shadowing, might be usable for something. I can't remember if
> this area was set aside by DOS or by the PC's original architecture. It
> seams wasteful to continue to just mark it as reserved. If usable, some of
> this memory could give some of those memory starved machines out there some
> more breathing room.

It's set aside by the PC architecture, and may not have RAM mappable
to it. Some chipsets let you map in some RAM here; I believe there is
a kernel patch floating around that supports some chipsets. Even on a
good day, don't expect more than about 200K.


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